How to Remove an Embedded Sticker from Plexiglass

What You'll Need
Cooking oil or any oil based liquid
Gloves (optional)
Razor blade

Removing a sticker from plexiglass poses a tough challenge as there is always the lurking danger of permanently ruining the surface. If you’ve tried and failed many times in removing a troublesome embedded sticker from a plexiglass product, here is a simple how-to guide that will save a lot of time and energy.

Step 1: Apply Liquid to the Sticker

Once all of the above stated materials are gathered, apply cooking oil or any other easily accessible liquid containing oil on the sticker with the help of a cotton swab. Make sure to carefully apply the oil on that part of the plexiglass surface on which the sticker is pasted until the sticker is wholly soaked. Try your best to avoid applying oil on the surrounding bare surface of plexiglass. For those who are sensitive to oily substances, a pair of gloves is recommended.

Step 2: Wait for the Liquid to Absorb in the Sticker

This is perhaps the easiest step. Allow time for the applied oil to fully absorb into the sticker. An interval of a couple of minutes is ample for this purpose. While waiting for the oil to soak it is possible to leave the scene, just make sure that all materials are out of reach of children.

Step 3: Steadily Peel Off the Sticker from Plexiglass Surface

After waiting for a couple of minutes, start peeling off the sticker from the surface gently. By the end of this step you will notice that a major part of the sticker will get peeled off the surface of plexiglass without showing any resistance. It might take a few repetitions of this step to get rid of the sticker, so don’t lose heart after not getting the results after the first attempt.

Step 4: Scratch off any Residue left Behind with a Razor Blade

Although the majority of work will have been done by the end of Step 3, some residue material may still be glued to the plexiglass surface. In order to fully clear off the surface of the sticker and any of its remaining material, call upon the services of a nice and sharp razor blade but make sure to exercise due care so as to avoid any cuts on your fingers. By gently using a razor blade it is possible to gently scratch off the residue left behind by the sticker. It is important to use a shallow angle as to avoid damaging the surface of the plexiglass. If the remaining residue is still stubborn, it is recommended to soak the remaining residue with some warm soapy water or oil once again to soften it up.

Removing an embedded sticker from plexiglass is easier than many may think, all that is required is the know-how and a relative supply of persistence and patience. Once the job is complete, the plexiglass surface can be cleaned free of any remaining dort or debri with warm soapy water and a sponge.