How to Remove an Old Engine Oil Spot on Your Garage Floor

What You'll Need
Cat litter
Ready to mix cement
Concrete sealer

Oil spots on the garage floor look ugly. It’s impossible to stop them happening, as oil will drip from vehicles and other things into the floor leaving oil spots. Luckily, removing these oil spots isn’t a difficult task. The process will also work on grease. By removing the oil spots from the garage floor you prevent the possibility of people slipping and injuring themselves.

Step 1 - Cleaning

Before you start to remove the oil spots you need to thoroughly clean the garage floor in the area. Use a broom to sweep the area and then a wet/dry vacuum on the floor. This takes out all the dust. While you’re doing it, you could expand and clean the entire garage floor.

Complete the cleaning by mopping the area with soap and water and the rinsing with cold water. This will make sure you’ll be working on an area that’s entirely clean.

Step 2 - Cat Litter

Now take a bag of cat litter. You can buy the cheapest litter on the market as the quality doesn’t matter. Pour it over the oil spots, allowing it to form a thick layer over the oil spots.

The idea is that this will absorb the oil from the surface of the concrete. It will take time for this process to happen. You should leave the cat litter to sit on the concrete for two days to do the job properly. After this time use a broom and dustpan to sweep up the cat litter. Dispose of it in a bag in the garbage. Be sure to sweep up all the litter, even the fine grains.

Step 3 - Cement

At this point the oil stains will look much paler. However, you want to get rid of them completely. To do this, take some powdered ready to mix cement. Pour a generous layer on top of the oil spots. You don’t need to temp it down.

Allow it to sit for two days and then sweep it up. This should remove all the oil stains from the garage floor. Make sure you remove all the cement. If you don’t, once moisture hits it, it will set hard. If the stains haven’t completely vanished, repeat the procedure with the cement to complete the stain removal.

Step 4 - Protecting the Floor

To prevent more oil stains from marring the concrete floor in the garage, clear out the garage and clean the floor thoroughly. You should not only use a vacuum but also a mop to take out all the dirt, especially in the corners.

Apply concrete sealer to the floor. Begin at the rear of the garage and work toward the front end, so you’ll be able to leave the garage easily. Follow the directions on the can. When you’ve finished applying the sealer you will need to leave it to dry properly. Give it 24 hours to dry fully before you tread on the garage floor again. With the sealer it should be easy to remove any oil spots that happen.