How to Remove an Upflush Toilet

What You'll Need
Adjustable wrench
Plastic hand glove

An Upflush toilet or a macerating toilet, as it is also called, is a great way of installing toilet fittings and fixtures in a basement or in a space that is below the manhole levels of a building. When using the usual P or S-trap water closets, transportation of fluids in the water and solid waste pipes rely on the force of gravity to transport solid and liquid wastes. This is possible because the water closet and the 100mm diameter pipe that branch out of a bathroom is on a higher elevation than the waste manhole. And the waste manhole is in turn in a higher elevation than the septic tank and soak away or the high pressure pipe network that leads to the centralized waste plant of a town.

In the basement of a house, there is a need to transport waste upward from the basement to a plumbing system. An upflush toilet does this. It consists of a pumping machine, solid waste grinder motor, and the regular WC (water closet). Sometimes, installation of such a toilet fixture causes unwanted effects and thus the need to remove it.

Steps to Follow

Step 1 - Disconnect the electrical connections. The electric connection to the up flush toilet must first be disconnected before any form of removing is done. With a rubber glove disconnect the wires that connect electricity power to the pump and grinder. If the power is coming from a connection outlet, then simply removing the plug will do. However, where the main power source is connected to a junction box use a tester or screwdriver to remove the wire connection from the junction box. One must observe all necessary safety precaution when working with electricity.

Step 2 - Turn off The Cold Water Supply. Before removing any component of the upflush toilet; turn off the cold water supply to the basement.

Step 4 - Next remove the drain connection and vent pipe that connects to the building plumbing system.

Step 3 - Use the adjustable wrench to unscrew the bowl from the unit. The bowl is rested on a wax ring.

Step 4 - Disable the discharge pipe from the backflow device. Be sure to remove the rubber flange.

Step 5 - Remove the discharge that is connected to the drainpipe that leads to the bucket or floor drain in the basement.

Step 6 - Remove the toilet mounting bolts from the unit. Some up flush units come with other plumbing fixtures such as wash hand basin and more. These also have to be removed.

Step 7 - Carefully remove the unit from the joists. (The joist is a frame set in concrete) With the help of the chisel and hammer, remove the frame. The removal should now be complete.

There are different reasons why one will want to remove the upflush toilet in their basement. When an upflush toilet is not properly installed many things will go wrong; for instance, the other plumbing fixtures will ooze out water and bubble gas whenever sump pump is running. Removing an up flush pump involves doing the reverse of the steps taken to install it in the first place.