How to Remove and Replace Glass from Hanging Shadow Boxes

What You'll Need
Replacement glass
Glass cutter
Safety gloves
Safety glasses

If you have some hanging shadow boxes in your home, then you may end up having to replace the glass in these occasionally. Shadow boxes are a great way of displaying objects, but a cracked or broken pane of glass can effect the appearance of the object, and you also risk that the glass may break down completely, and shatter. In order to avoid these kinds of problems, it is a good idea to remove and replace the glass in your shadow boxes before it gets to this stage. This is an easy project, and by following some simple instructions, you should manage to get this job completed quickly.

Step 1 - Remove the Old Glass

Take your shadow boxes down from the wall. If you have a hanging shadow box, this is a simple matter of unhooking the box from the bracket. You should then put on your gloves, and unscrew the side of the shadow box with the broken glass. Use your pliers to pull out the pieces of glass, and then discard the pieces. Wipe down the edges of the shadow box with a cloth to remove any fragments of glass.

Step 2 - Cut the Replacement Glass

Place your new piece of glass over the shadow box, and mark out where you wish to make the cuts. Take your glass cutter, and use it to cut out the shape you want. Put the glass on a flat surface, and then run the cutter around the marked area of the glass. You should press down firmly, but not too hard, with the glass cutter, and then snap off the unwanted glass using your pliers. This should leave you with a perfectly sized piece of glass. The pliers need to be moved slowly around the sides of the glass, snapping off one piece at a time in order to prevent the whole of the box from shattering. You should remove any large shards using the pliers before you move onto the next step. The glass should be sanded before you install it in the shadow boxes, moving it around gently to prevent cracks and other damage.

Step 3 - Install the Replacement Glass

Now that you have the glass cut to the right size, take the shadow box and cover it with a little glue. This should be enough to hold the glass firmly in place. Press down on this until you are able to let go without the glass moving out of position. You should then take the free end of the shadow box, and replace the sides. Use a screwdriver to reapply the screws, and then tighten them until the glass is held securely. Once you have done this, you can then hang the shadow box back on the bracket. Once you have finished installing the glass, the shadow boxes should work as well as ever.