How to Remove and Salvage a Bathroom Vanity

What You'll Need
Utility knife
Pipe wrench
Small pry bar
Thick blanket
Painters tape

A bathroom vanity is something that a bathroom simply cannot be without. The mirror overlooks it and the sink is placed inside of it. The bathroom vanity is the center and focal point of the space. When you are conducting a bathroom remodel the bathroom vanity may no longer be suited for the design so will need to be removed. The materials used to construct a bathroom vanity are often expensive and destroying them is a waste. The bathroom vanity is easy to remove but salvaging it can be a little more difficult. The article below will show you how to do both fairly easily. 

Step 1 – Plumbing 

Trying to remove a bathroom vanity without dealing with the plumbing first will create a tremendous mess. Under the sink will be the plumbing pipes. Turn the water off by twisting the shut-off valves all the way to the left. You can then turn on the faucets to drain all the water from the pipes. Place the bucket under the main pipe inside he bathroom vanity. Use the pipe wrench to remove the pipes. Turn the bolts to the left. Place the pieces of pipe off to the side. Keeping pipes in place while trying to remove the vanity will spell disaster as they can break the vanity. The pipes can also break. Cut the caulk around the faucet and sink and then remove them.

Step 2 – Remove the Countertop 

The bathroom vanity is attached to the wall by screws and caulk and is also glued to the wooden frame. Trying to remove the bathroom vanity in one piece is nearly impossible to do due to the weight and size of it. Cover the top of the vanity with a blanket and tape it down. Use the utility knife to slice through the caulk on the back of the counter. Do this carefully so you do not cut yourself or the backing board. The caulk may also be along the sides; cut through this as well. Cut through the caulk under the front lip of the counter that meets with the top front of the base. Employ the help of a friend and lift the counter straight up off of the base and place it somewhere safe. Wrap the countertop completely in the blanket and tape it in place. If the countertop is marble it is very expensive to replace.

Step 3 – Remove the Base

With the heavy counter removed the rest of the bathroom vanity can also be removed. It is fastened to the studs with several screws. Use the screwdriver and remove every screw that you find connecting the back or sides to the wall. You can now safely remove the bathroom vanity by lifting it straight up off of the floor. If the vanity is proving to be too heavy you can remove the drawers and the doors as well. This will decrease the weight while protecting other pieces of the bathroom vanity.