How to Remove ATV Tires from Rims

What You'll Need
Dish soap
Three tire irons
Tire bead breaker
Tire removal equipment
Straps (to hold tires in place during work)
Core removal tool
Tire jack

ATV tires wear easily with frequent use of needs to be replaced from time to time. The ATV tires are one of the most important feature of the ATV and it is important that worn ATV tires are replaced immediately. You and your ATV’s safety depend on the condition of your ATV tires along with a good condition engine. Car shops who have professionals to change and make replacement of ATV tires cost a lot. You can remove your ATV tires and replace a new set easily. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to remove ATV tires from rims.

Step 1- Prepare the Tire for Removal

The initial procedure is to take out the tire from the ATV with the use of a tire jack or wrench. The right way to do this is by removing the tire bolts in an X pattern. With the use of the core removal tool, deflate the tire. Place the tire on the ground and with the straps, hold the tire in place where the tire bead breaker is to be used.

Step 2- De-beading

The tire is attached to the rim with the use of a tight seal and glue to protect it from falling off. When removing the tire from the rim, a tire bead breaker is needed to remove the seal and the glue holding the tire tightly to the rim. This device can be bought at auto supply stores. However, with the use of a crowbar and some metal equipment meant to disengage the tire bead, it is a good option. The lever needs a big squeeze and push to dismantle the seal of the tire. The bead may need a number of attempts as the seal is secured so tightly. The work of breaking the seal is done when the tire begins to slide off from the rim.

Step 3- Remove the Tires from the Rim

Upon the breaking of the seal, the rest of the tire should be removed by hand. With the use of he tire iron, make a gap between the tire and the rim. Any kind of dish soap may be used to lubricate or to oil the area to enable the tire to easily slip off from its location. The three tire rons must be distanced equally apart from the rim. Apply soap on each of the gaps. With the use of the combination of pliers and tire iron, work your way into removing the tire off the rim. Give extra force if necessary when pulling out the tire. When one side of the tire is taken out, it is much easier to remove the other side of the tire from the rim.