How To Remove Bathroom Fans

Bathroom fans might need to be replaced or repaired if they do not perform their primary function, which is air ventilation in your bathroom or land up making a loud, unpleasant noise each time you switch them on.

The first step in replacing or repairing your bathroom fan is to remove it. The removal of your bathroom fan depends on the type of cover, or the fan grill used to shield the motor of the fan and also the way it is mounted in your bathroom. Most bathroom fans can be disassembled easily with the removal of few bolts or screws. It is recommended to keep the following things in mind while removing your bathroom fan:

Removing the Cover

  • If the cover is fixed using screws within its vent grills, then use a screwdriver to loosen the screws and detach the cover by releasing it from the screws.
  • If the fan is ceiling mounted with the help of hangers located under a bulb, remove the translucent bulb cover and then the bulb to expose the screw or the nut that is holding the cover in place. Once the nut is removed, the cover and the light assembly will be detached from the ceiling exposing the motor. Be cautious not to perform this step when the bulb is hot.
  • Be careful while removing the cover. You do not want to scrape the paint off your bathroom wall or cause a dent on it.

Removing the Electric Motor

The electric motor of the fan is exposed after the cover is removed. The motor is plugged in the fan housing box or mounted inside it with the help of screws. Once the motor is released from the housing box, it should be detached from the wiring harness.

While Removing Bathroom Fans

  • Before initiating the removal, turn off the power supplied to the fan from the main electricity panel. Check the electrical wires attached to the motor of the fan with the help of a circuit tester, to confirm if the power is off.
  • Wear safety glasses to prevent any debris from entering your eyes.