How to Remove Black Oxidation from Aluminum Siding

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  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 75-100
What You'll Need
Aluminum oxidization product
Power buffer (if Available)
Soft brush
Cloths for buffing

Aluminum siding cannot rust and it's a very durable material, however, there are numerous things that can cause it to oxidize. Oxidization can make the aluminum siding look ugly and it needs to be removed as quickly as possible. There are many different things that you can do to clean your aluminum siding and remove the back oxides.

Aluminum doesn't rust but there will be patches of dull white areas where the metal has oxidized. Removing the oxidization from aluminum siding is actually pretty easy. It's even easier as long as you spend time preparing and getting all of the right tools that you require to complete the project.

Step 1 - Evaluation

The first thing that you will need to do is take a look at the problem you are suffering from. Aluminum oxidation is a major problem but there are different degrees of oxidation that can need different treatments.

Aluminum doesn't rust however it can take on a slightly dull and white appearance. The degree of the problem will affect the type of solution that you will use.

Step 2 - Dealing with Light Oxidation

If the oxidation is mild and light then you should be able to use an oxidation removal product without acid. This can be purchased in sprayable or paste solutions which are very easy to apply.

These are simply sprayed or rubbed onto the surface of the aluminum and then buffed up using a clean cloth. You don't need to actually use a power buffer however you will find it easier if you do. When using a power buffer to do this job you will need to use a clean pad regularly.

Step 3 - Dealing with Medium Oxidation

If you are suffering from a medium oxidation problem then you can use a slightly stronger solution. You can use the same product as a mild case of oxidation however you will need to put in a lot of effort, you should also mix the oxidation solution at the highest concentrations suggested on the bottle.

If the medium strength solution doesn't solve the problem then you can use more powerful solutions. Be very careful when working with the more powerful oxidation solutions because these are much stronger and can cause harm if not treated with respect.

Step 4 - Heavy Oxidation

If you are dealing with heavy aluminum oxidation then you will need to use a much stronger product. Many of these stronger products include acids which make them very powerful.

If you use these then this can actually affect the aluminum itself. It can potentially cause pitting in the aluminum and damage to the paintwork. This will mean that you need to buff it up at the least. You might also need to use some sandpaper to remove any pitting. After sanding you will then need to use a soft cloth to buff up the aluminum siding.