How to Remove Casement Windows

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  • 2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 35
What You'll Need
Putty knife
Shingle thief
Hand gloves
Step ladder
Protective glasses
Replacement window
Casket material
Galvanized nails
Measurement tape
Spirit level
New shingles

Casement windows were the most commonly installed windows before the sash windows became popular. Casement windows are attached to their frame with side hinges. If you are planning to renovate your window model, you will have to remove this window and bring in a contemporary look.

Step 1 - Remove the Glass

Begin by wearing workman’s hand gloves and protective glasses in order to prevent yourself from getting hurt while working. Now use a hammer and break or shatter the glass in the casement window. Give firm taps on it so that it will break into pieces and fall down. Remove the putty with a putty knife and dust it.

Take your putty knife and insert it in the gap between the extension jamb and the molding. With a hammer give gentle blows on the knife and ensure that the molding becomes loose.

Step 2 - Remove Extension Jamb and Shingles

Using your crowbar, slightly apply pressure to lift the extension jamb. Since the extension jambs are fitted only with a few nails they can be easily removed.

Now, you can see that your casement window is enclosed by shingles around its perimeter. They have to be removed in order to expose your window frame. In order to remove the shingles, a shingle hammer is required. Carefully insert the shingle thief beneath each of the shingles and gently strike with the hammer so that the shingles come out easily without getting damaged.

Step 3 - Window Pane

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Now take your hammer and remove all nails except the ones at the top of the window. If you remove the top nails also the window might fall down while you are working. Once all nails have been removed, carefully pull out the casement window from the wall. Remove the back sticker of the gasket material and paste it along all the edges of the windowpane. This material will prevent water or moisture.

Now check the level of the wall with a spirit level and then place the new window in the opening. Begin nailing the top edge. Once you have nailed the top edge, use the measurement tape and a level to make sure the window is square and level. You square if off by installing spacers or shingles between the window frame and the wall opening. Then nail around the remaining edges.

Step 4 - Add Shingles

Now, nail the spacers around the edges of the window panes on the wall with galvanized nails. Then, add a new extension jamb to the inside of the house. This project can be completed in one day, but give yourself plenty of time.