How to Remove Cat Odor from Baseboard Heaters

What You'll Need
Scented Oils
Rubber gloves
Carpet cleaner

The smell of cat odor is very unpleasant when it comes through a baseboard heater. The smell can stay around a long time because the cat hair and the aroma have not been properly removed. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can remove this odor from your baseboards by using a few techniques that are simple to use.

Step 1: Cat Behaviors

Different reactions of the cat can set off different types of odors. If your cat is male, he could have marked its territory by the baseboard heater to claim his spot. Also, if the cat has a unclean litter box, it will find a substitute location to use as a litter box. Clean the kitty litter box with a scooper and a plastic bag as this should help in letting the cat be in its box instead of the baseboard heaters.

Step 2: Clean the Area

Find the area in which the cat odor is the strongest by the baseboard heaters and use a slightly damp rag to pick up any cat hair that is lying on the floor. Cover the area with powder that is scented and use a vacuum to pick up any finer hair and cat odor. Find an attachment which can blow away any extra hair that is still inside of the heater grill. A carpet cleaner can be used over the top of the carpet which can help remove some of the cat odor and also make your carpet cleaner and remove any additional odors that you might have missed.

Step 3: Use Vinegar

To help remove the odor of the cat you will want to find out if there is any cat urine which might be located around the same area of the odor. Use a small amount of water and a lot of vinegar with a rag and wash the heaters with the solution. Let this stay on the heaters for a day and then come back and wash it off with a rag. This process can be repeated from days to weeks until the cat urine has vanished. The vinegar should reduce the smell and dissolve the pH balance after a short amount of time.

Step 4: Burning Incense

Another option for the cat odor is by using incenses and burning oils to reduce the smell from the baseboard area. The incenses can be used by burning them and let the smoke of the incense cover the area which will help in masking the smell of the odor. Another option is to use scented oils which will remove the smell of odor that is still in the air.

Step 5: Using Bleach

The last option can have a more permanent imprint on the area you are working on because you will be using bleach and other chemicals. Turn off any electricity going to the heater to make sure no water or bleach will drip though. Use rubber gloves to protect yourself from the chemicals and begin to dilute the bleach by combining water and a small amount of bleach into a bucket. Use an old rag or cloth with the bleach solution and scrub all around the heater, which should remove a lot of the cat odor.