How to Remove Ceiling Fans

What You'll Need

Before installing your new ceiling fan, you must first take down your old ceiling fan. Ceiling fans can be quite heavy, and taking the ceiling fan apart as you take it down can make the entire process much easier. Follow these steps to disassemble and remove your old ceiling fan.

Step 1 – Turn of the power that supplies your ceiling fan.

Step 2 – Loosen the screws on the globes and remove the globes and light bulbs and set them aside.

Step 3 – If the fan has a lighting kit, remove it by first unscrewing the screws of the top section of the lighting kit. This will allow you to slip both parts of the kit off together. Remove the protective wire nuts and pull down the lighting unit.

Step 4 – Use a drill to remove the screws holding the blades of the fan in place. The blades are typically screwed directly into the top of the fan and can be easily removed using the drill in reverse.

Step 5 – Unscrew the four screws holding the canopy that covers the fan motor. You may have to first remove a decorative ring that obscures these screws on some models of fans. Remove a couple of the screws and hold the canopy to the ceiling with one hand to avoid the motor falling to the ground. Remove the remaining screws and pull down the canopy.

Step 6 – Look for wires coming from the bottom of the ceiling fan motor and trace them back the wires leading from the ceiling. Where the two sets of wires meet there should be a pair of plastic caps. Unwrap the caps in a counter-clockwise direction until the wires separate. Remove the motor and cover the wires from the ceiling with black electrical tape or plastic caps and remove the fan.