How to Remove Cracked Glass from a Wooden Picture Frame

If you have a cracked glass in your wooden picture frame, it should be removed and replaced right away. A crack in the glass can allow moisture and dirt to penetrate and damage the photo or picture in the frame.

You Will Need

  • Gloves
  • Masking tape
  • Putty knife
  • Newspaper

Step 1: Protection

Put a layer of newspapers on a counter top or tabletop. Put on your gloves as broken glass can be sharp and cause injury.

Step 2: Remove the Glass

Put masking tape along the cracked glass to cover the crack completely. Then make an X out of tape on the glass from corner to corner. This will keep the glass from scattering when you remove it and will aid in disposal of the broken glass.

Lay the picture frame face down on the newspaper and pry off the back. Different frames have different ways of holding on the back panel. Some have nails or brads that hold it in place. Use the putty knife to lift them. Remove the back and set aside.

Remove the picture from the frame and set aside.

Turn the picture frame face up and allow the glass to fall onto the newspapers. Wrap the newspapers around the glass and secure with masking tape and discard. Wrapping the glass will keep it from puncturing a trash bag or scattering if its dropped from a garbage can.