How to Remove Decorative Glass Panels

  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-100
What You'll Need
Pallet knife
Stanley knife

Changing the décor of a room can involve removing and installing decorative glass panels. It is essential that you properly complete the process to ensure there is no damage in the process. Follow our steps to carry out the project in the most efficient manner, without causing damage to the surrounding area.

Step 1 – Examination

Examine the decorative glass panels to determine how they were installed. The installation will dictate how they must be removed. Check around the frame to determine whether there are any fasteners present, such as nails or screws. Look for any substances that were used as part of the installation process, such as foam insulation. Then, you will need to purchase the correct tools to have the fastener removed.

Step 2 – Remove Fasteners

Remove nails from the frame of decorative glass panels with pliers. You may need to lift the head of the nail with a flathead screwdriver. Locate all the nails and carefully drag each of them free. Remove any screws that have been used in the same way, except using a screwdriver.

Step 3 – Frame Removal

Prepare the perimeter of the frame by running the blade of a Stanley knife around it. This action will allow you to separate the edge from any covering, such as wallpaper or paint. Use the blade to start the process of creating the gap necessary to remove the panels. Follow this by working a pallet knife along the line bordering the frame.

Step 4 – Chisel Out Frame

Position the tip of the chisel at the upper edge of the join between the frame of the decorative glass panels and the wall. Angle the chisel downward as you strike the handle end with a hammer. The angle will help to avoid damage to the surrounding wall while removing the panel. Work along the length of the upper edge by placing the point of the chisel at regular intervals. \

Continue with this process until you get some give from the top edge of the glass panel. Work from the top, down so that you have greater control when the panel comes loose. You will need to work slowly and methodically so that you do not cause damage.

Step 5 – Pry Frame

After creating a sufficient gap, the glass panel can then be pried out of place in order to remove it. Hook the end of a crowbar over the top edge and gently lever it upward to slowly force the frame of the glass panel from the recess. Continue in this manner until you are able to pull the frame by hand. Keep an eye on the area surrounding the frame while removing it to ensure that no damage occurs. You will need to lift the glass with a towel and provide a soft surface to place the glass when you are done.