How to Remove Epoxy Paint from a Guitar

What You'll Need
Putty knife
Cotton swabs

Should epoxy paint ever find its way onto your guitar, you will want to know how to remove it. Epoxy hardens and becomes difficult to remove. Although it may be possible to scrape the paint off, the scraping will probably damage your guitar. Instead you can use chemicals such as acetone to soften and help remove the epoxy. After the acetone, you can use a knife to very carefully remove the epoxy paint without damaging the guitar itself.

Step 1 - Clean the Guitar

First you need to prepare the surface of the guitar by cleaning away any debris with a soft cloth. Slowly polish away any dirt or grime which has built up on the surface of the guitar. By cleaning this dirt away now, you can minimize how messy this process will be.

Inspect the condition of the guitar and concentrate on where the epoxy paint is located. If it is under the strings, you will face a more intricate job. You can make the process easier by using some cotton swabs.

Step 2 - Coat the Area with Acetone

With the cotton swabs, apply acetone onto the epoxy paint. Ensure that all of the epoxy is covered with acetone so it will soften and come off easier.

If you choose to use solvents to remove the epoxy paint, you will need to be very careful to ensure that these chemicals don't damage your guitar.

Step 3 - Wait

Leave the acetone on the epoxy for a few minutes before you do anything else. This waiting period should give the acetone plenty of time to soften the epoxy paint.

When you return to the guitar, inspect the paint. If it is too hard to remove, simply apply more acetone and leave it slightly longer this time.

Step 4 - Scrape off the Epoxy Paint

Once the epoxy paint has softened, you can use a putty knife or similar item to gently scrape the paint away from the surface of the guitar. You must be very careful when doing this, or else you could damage the surface of your guitar.

After scraping away the epoxy paint, you will need to wipe over the surface with a soft cloth. Use some polish if you wish to buff up the finish and make it look better.

Step 5 - Repeat the Process If Necessary

You will now need to repeat the steps above until you can remove the epoxy paint. You might find that removing the epoxy paint takes a long time to do properly because you may only remove small amounts of paint at a time. Determination and patience are key when you try to remove epoxy paint from a guitar.