How to Remove Graffiti: 3 Tips

If you live in an urban environment, you may be curious about the easiest way to remove graffiti from your personal property. Graffiti is a wide-spread practice often viewed as a blemish on a manicured building or fence. This article will describe three of the most effective and commonly used methods to remove unwanted graffiti.

Cover Graffiti with Paint


The easiest method to get rid of unsightly graffiti is to simply paint over the area with a fresh layer of opaque paint. Make sure you apply the paint evenly; avoid streaks, drips and unsightly lines. This method takes some patience and effort, but it beautifies the afflicted area by making it appear brand new.

Remove Graffiti by Sandblasting


Using a sandblaster on a “tagged” surface will remove graffiti fairly easily. Sandblast the entire afflicted wall or fence to maintain a cohesive and attractive surface.

Use Chemicals to Dissolve Graffiti


There are numerous solvents which are available on the market in gels, creams and liquids that will remove graffiti. However, you may need apply the solvent several times. If you wish to use a chemical solvent, make sure it contains chlorinated hydrocarbons, monoglycol ethers, glycol acetates or diglycol ethers.