How to Remove Grease Stains from a Stainless Steel Barbeque

What You'll Need
Dish soap
Non-abrasive sponge

A stainless steel barbeque grill is a great piece from which to cook your outdoor meals on. They look great and have a protective coating on the grill that will protect them from the outdoor elements. When the stainless steel barbeque is stained with grease and sauce, it must be cleaned with care not to scratch the surface. Here are the steps to take to clean your stainless steel barbeque. 

Step 1 - Assemble Cleaning Equipment

In a bucket, pour some dish liquid into the bottom of it. Run some warm water into the bucket and mix it together with the soap. Once you have some suds, place the sponge in it and carry to the grill.

Step 2 - Wash Barbeque Down

Squeeze the sponge to get rid of some of the excess water, and wipe off the grease on the stainless steel barbeque. Run the sponge along the grain of the metal for the best cleaning results. 

Step 3 - Rinse Soap From Barbeque

After washing the steel, and removing the grease stains, you will need to rinse it off with clean water. 

Step 4 - Dry with Soft Towel

With the stainless steel barbeque rinsed off, you can then dry it with a clean, soft towel. You must make sure you do not leave any water on the grill.