How to Remove Grout Haze from Glass Tile

What You'll Need
A terri cloth towel
A scratch pad

Glass tile is a pretty addition to any bathroom, kitchen or other room. If you have applied grout sealer to the grout in between the glass tile and notice a haze, then there are a few things you can do to remove the haze on your glass tile. Follow the directions below.

Step 1 - Use a Terri Cloth Towel

Take out a fluffy terri cloth towel and buff the haze that has formed on your glass tile. Do not add water or soap or any other detergent to the terri cloth. This cleaning process should be done when the towel is completely dry.

Step 2 - Use a Scratch Pad

If the haze has not been removed completely by using the terri cloth towel, then take out a scratch pad (also called a doodle bug pad). Continue to buff out the haze using the scratch pad. The scratch pad will not hurt or mark up the tile, so you can be as rough as you want.

Step 3 - Use Grout Haze Remover

Take a trip to your local home improvement center and purchase grout haze remover (specifically for glass tile). You can purchase a small bottle for anywhere from $5 to $10. Read the directions carefully and mix with water. Take out your terri cloth towel and scratch pad and buff the haze out using the haze remover.