How to Remove High Gloss Enamel Paint from Carpet

Gloss enamel paint dries on hard and leaves a glossy finish. Nail polish is an example of enamel paint. High gloss enamel paint is applied in bathrooms, kitchens and on appliances that are used frequently because of its durability. Sometimes, when applying glass enamel paint, accidents can happen. If you spill any high gloss enamel paint on your carpet, it is best to remove it immediately. 

When preparing to remove high gloss enamel paint from carpet, wear rubber or plastic gloves if your skin is sensitive to paint or chemicals. It is a good idea to test the cleaning solution on a piece of the carpet to make sure you do not damage the carpet or change its color. The tools and steps needed to remove high gloss enamel paint from carpet are listed below. 

Tools You Will Need

  • White Towels
  • Liquid Dish Soap
  • Water 
  • Bowl

Step 1 – Blotting the Area

Use a white cloth or some paper towels to blot any extra high gloss enamel paint from the carpet. It is best to only use white cloth or paper towel since ones with prints or color may cause the color to bleed into the carpet. Blot the carpet instead of rubbing it. You do not want to rub the high gloss enamel paint into the carpet and make the stain worse.

Step 2 – Mixing a Quick Soapy Water Solution

In a bowl, take ¼ teaspoon of liquid dish soap and mix it into one cup of warm water. Wet a white cloth with the soap and water solution.

Step 3 – Working the Stain

Using the wet soapy cloth, dab the high gloss enamel paint stain, starting at the outer edges. Work your way from the edges inward to the middle of the stain. Remember not to start rubbing the stain, but continue to dab or blot it. Dab the stain until you start to see if lifting from the carpet. You will probably need a couple of white cloths on hand, depending on how large the carpet stain is.

Step 4 - Rinsing the Carpet Spot

Remove the cleaning solution by using cold water to rinse the spot. After the spot is rinsed, use a dry cloth to blot it dry.

Some Handy Tips

  • If the soap and water solution do not remove the stain, use turpentine or paint thinner and rinse it out. 
  • When you are using turpentine or paint thinner, you may need to open a window or door to allow the air to circulate due to the strong scent.