How to Remove Ivy from Brick Siding

What You'll Need
Knife or pruning shears
Weed killer
Soft to medium bristled brush

Ivy growing on your brick siding can damage it over time. Left unchecked, ivy can push its tendrils into the brick and the mortar, causing bricks to become loose. Removing ivy from your brick siding and keeping it away is the best way to protect its longevity.

Step 1 - Cut the Base

Cut the base of the ivy at the root. Either dig the roots out completely or apply weed killer. Make sure all roots are gone, otherwise ivy will sprout and grow again.

Step 2 - Let It Die

Wait 2 to 3 weeks for the ivy on your home to die. When it becomes dry and brown it will be much easier to remove. Don't wait more than 3 weeks as it will start to oxidize making it harder to remove.

Step 3 - Remove

Remove the dead ivy, using a ladder to reach high places. Most of the tendrils, or suckers, clinging to the brick will remain. Use a soft to medium bristled brush dipped in detergent to scrub the suckers off the bricks. Use only enough force to remove tendrils without damaging the brick siding.

Ivy should be removed from brick siding before it can cause damage leading to costly repairs.