How to Remove Links from a Wrist Watch

wrist watch on its side
What You'll Need
Jewelry punch
Watch with links

If your wrist watch is too big for your wrist, you can adjust the size by removing a few links. Follow these instructions to quickly and easily resize a watch to create the perfect fit.

Step 1 – Try on the Watch

In order to resize your timepiece, you need to first try it on. The best way to know what size you need is to pinch the middle of one of the arm bands. This will tell you exactly how many links to remove in order to make the watch fit correctly.

Note: You will not remove the exact links you pinched. Instead, you will remove an equal amount of links from each end of the band. By taking identical portions from each end, rather than the middle links you pinched, you will make sure the watch doesn't not look lopsided.

Step 2 – Locate Removable Links

On either side of the clasp, every watch has about three links that can be easily removed. These are characterized by a small hole on either side of the link. Count out how many holes you see on your watch's links to determine if there are enough removable links to get the job done.

Step 3 – Remove Links

close up of watch links

To remove your links, use the jewelry punch tool. You'll notice that the ends on the punch will easily fit into the small holes of the watch.

When you push the punch into the space where the hole is, you will notice a peg going out the other end. This is the peg that holds the unit in place. Divide the number of links being removed by 2. This is the number of links you will remove from this side of the band. Count down the links and remove the second peg to remove only the links you need for the perfect fit.

Step 4 – Reattach Remaining Links

Use the same peg you pushed out to connect the links to the other end that you removed. Then repeat the same process on the other side of the wristband.

Note: Make sure to try the watch on to see if the right amount of links have been removed. The watch should be somewhat loose, but if the watch can easily turn on your wrist, the band is still too loose. You can remove one link at a time in order to make sure you have a perfectly fitting watch. Hold on to the links in case you sell the watch or pass it on to a family member.