How to Remove Masonry Nails from a Concrete Wall

What You'll Need
Air Chisel
Pry Bar with Claw

When you have the need for attaching something to a brick wall, masonry nails are the fastener that you want to reach for. Their twisted shank, and hardened steel body, will allow you to not only penetrate into the masonry, but also give you great staying power. Removing masonry nails from your home, concrete wall, patio, or other masonry type structure, does require some special steps. Here is how you can easily remove masonry nails from a concrete wall.

Step 1: Chisel around Nail

Removing a regular galvanized nail from wood is a relatively easy process. You only have to place the claw on your hammer under the nail head and pry it up. If it is embedded, the claw can dig into the wood. This doesn't happen with a concrete wall. You will need to use an air chisel to remove some of the concrete around the nail head. Grasp the chisel tightly and only work around the nail head.

Step 2: Use Pry Bar

While you can use a regular hammer, a pry bar with a claw on one end will give you more leverage. Place the claw under the head of the nail and apply pressure to it as you slowly pry the nail from the masonry.