How to Remove Melted Candle Wax out of a Votive

Candle wax is easy to remove from votive holders once you know the secret, which is heat. Turn up the heat on your votive to get stubborn wax to release its grip on the glass.

Methods For Melting Wax

  • Hot water
  • Microwave
  • Set on top of hot stove
  • Set inside warm oven
  • Blow dryer

Turn Up The Heat

There are several ways to generate heat. Begin with the simplest- hot water. If you have a simple glass votive, turn it upside down and run hot water over the base and sides for several minutes. Then use a knife, screwdriver or stick to spear the wax and pull it out. Easier and faster than hot water is a microwave oven-if your votive holder doesn't have any metal or metal paint on it. Wash with hot water or rubbing alcohol to remove trace amounts of wax on glass.

If you have several votives to clean, or other things to do besides wait for wax to melt, simply set your votive(s) on top of a hot stove, or inside a warm oven. You can also use a blow dryer to heat up larger votives.

Other Methods For Removing Wax

If you have several votives that you've managed to get your old candle out of, but that still have traces of wax on the glass, use rubbing alcohol to dissolve and clean any remaining glass.