How to Remove Mildew from Books

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  • 2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-40
What You'll Need
Soft cloth
Soft brush
Plastic bags
Dryer sheet
Kitty litter
Baking soda
Commercial conservation products

There are easy and efficient ways on how to remove mildew that has accumulated on your old books. The effect of mildew on books is grave, as this can damage a book entirely to a state that it can no longer be read and must be disposed of. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to remove mildew from books.

Step 1 - Place Book Under the Sun

Open the book and fan the pages. Keep it open and lay your book under the heat of the sun for about 45 minutes. After this amount of time, place the book in a much shadier area. Keep the book fanned open for another hour under the shade. After one hour, place the book under the heat of the sun for 45 minutes more. This process should eliminate the odor that the mildew emits. If the odor is still there, simply repeat this process.

Step 2 - Place Book in Freezer

Place the book inside a sealable plastic bag. Place the plastic bag inside your freezer. Keep the book there for several days. Every once in a while, take the book out of the sealable plastic bag to check on the mildew.

Step 3 - Use Scented Sheet

Use a scented dryer sheet inside the plastic bag to remove the odor of the mildew. Keep the dryer sheet inside the sealable plastic bag for about a week.

Step 4 - Use Baking Soda

Use baking soda and sprinkle some of it onto the pages of your book. Place the book under the heat of the sun for about one hour, and let the book set with the baking soda. Watch out for the odor that comes from the mildew. If there is still an odor present, simply repeat this process with the baking soda. Shake the pages of the book and use a rag to remove the particles of baking soda.

Step 5 - Use Kitty Litter

Place about two inches of kitty litter at the bottom of a chest or container for ice. Take your book and put it inside a bag. When the book is inside the bag, place the bag inside the ice cooler. Tightly close the lid of the ice container. Leave it there for a week, after which you can check on it again. You can choose to use charcoal instead.

Step 6 - Place Book in Manila Envelope

Place the book inside a standard manila envelope. Place this inside a microwave, and microwave the book for 10 seconds in medium setting. This will remove all the moisture in the books where mildew can grow. Make sure all the materials in the binding are safe to microwave before you try this.

Step 7 - Purchase Commercial Mildew Removing Products

You can also choose to buy commercial products to get rid of the mildew in your books. When using a commercial mildew remover, make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to properly apply the mildew remover in your books. Choose mild commercial mildew remover that has no harsh ingredients. If you have further questions on mildew follow this link.