How to Remove Mold from Your Teak Outdoor Furniture

Using teak outdoor furniture on your patio can provide your home with an elegant, finished look. Teak furniture is one of the most durable forms of outdoor furniture available on the market. While it can be beautiful, if you do not maintain it properly it can grow mold. If you want the furniture to stay looking nice and new, you will need to eliminate any mold on the exterior. Here are a few tips to removing mold from your teak furniture effectively. 

Use Sunlight

Mold can not grow in direct sunlight. Therefore, in order to start killing the mold, you need to pull it out from under the canopy into some direct sunlight. This will not eliminate your problem completely, but it will take care of part of it. 

Deep Cleaning

In addition to using sunlight to your advantage, you need to also do some deep cleaning on the exterior. Use bleach and water to clean the mold off of the teak exterior. You need to really get in and scrub to ensure that you eliminate the problem. Doing a little sanding may be necessary as well to make sure that you get rid of all of it. If sanding is necessary, you may have to repair the finish afterwards.