How to Remove Motorcycle Exhaust Baffles

hand drill inserted into motorcycle exhaust pipe
What You'll Need
Drill bit for metal cutting or 1/2 " hole saw
Drill bit extender
Handheld drill
Wrench set and basic socket

Removing motorcycle exhaust baffles is one of the best ways to maximize the sound. They come with silencers that will weaken the engine sounds before they even hit the air. Removing the exhaust baffle is a do-it-yourself way to enhance your motorcycle’s sound – more powerful and bigger than it actually is without all the expenses of upgrading it. Before removing the exhaust baffle, find out how many baffles are housed in your muffler. Most bikes come with two or three. The step-by-step guide for this job is listed below.

Step 1 - Remove Exhaust

Remove the whole exhaust from the bike.

Step 2 - Drill Out the Baffle

With a ½” hole saw and a handheld drill, insert them into a hole in the exhaust’s outlet. The handheld drill will not go further inside the exhaust once you hit the baffle. Drill through the 1st baffle and then each remaining baffle until they are all drilled. Remove the baffle pieces.

Step 3 - Replace Exhaust

Reinstall the exhaust system onto your bike.