How to Remove Mounted Drapery Rods

What You'll Need
Drywall Spackle
Putty Knife
Sand Paper

Whether making room for new drapery rods or just updating the room with a fresh coat of paint, you should know how to remove your rods and mounting brackets. Before you begin, collect the right tools as well as patching material to cover the hole. This will help to keep it looking nice and will allow you to mount any type of hardware you wish once you complete your project.

Step 1 - Remove the Drapery

Remove the drapery before you attempt to remove the rod to save the rod from undue stress. This will also make it easier to reach the rod for proper removal. If your drapes are attached with hooks, remove each one from the rod before proceeding.

Step 2 - Remove the Finials

Remove any finials, which are the decorative pieces that are connected to each end of the curtain rod. Most styles of finials will easily unscrew while others might need to be popped of using a little force.

Step 3 - Slide Out the Drapery Rod

Many drapery rods slide into their mounting brackets. This is why it is necessary to remove the finials first. If you have the type of rod that is inserted from the top of the bracket, you may not have to remove the finials at all.

Step 4 -  Unscrew the Hardware

Remove the screws used to mount each of the brackets—there are probably 3 screws per bracket. If you have a pull string mounted to the wall, unscrew that as well.

Step 5 - Patch

Roughly sand around all of the screw holes on your wall. You are sanding to provide a better bonding surface for the spackle. Next, mix the drywall spackle with the putty knife, and place a small amount on the edge of the spackle knife. Gently work some spackle into each hole and smooth over the sanded surface to create a neat patch. Allow time to dry, and then use a fine grit sandpaper to rub away any residual spackle.