How to Remove Oven Glass Stains

Glass Stains on your oven doors are easy to remove if you have the right ingredients and materials. Oven glass stains are often caused by the oil and grease that incorporate into the steam as you cook. This oil residue becomes airborne and gets on the oven glass doors. The thick residue that sticks to the glass oven door will be tougher to remove if not immediately cleaned.

In order to get rid of the oven glass stains, you can have some home made remedies and ingredients to get rid of them easily. A tip to remember here is that the residue must be broken down and wiped away. Also remember that sometimes, the oil and stain residue will be between the glass panels of the oven door (which is typical of most ovens).

Materials Neded:

  • Grease cutting cleaner (can be any one of the following); White vinegar, Baking soda or water paste or lemon juice
  • Hot water
  • Sponge
  • Dry cloths
  • Razor blade
  • Rubbing alcohol

Step 1: Soften the primary area

Use a dry piece of cloth to apply a coat of rubbing alcohol to the hard grease on the oven glass door. The glass stain that has hardened is due to the exposure of the oil to the air and heat when cooking. The rubbing alcohol is used to ferment the debris; this will soften it for easy removal. The alcohol also serves as a disinfectant to the bacteria.
Step 2: Scrape it off gently

Use a razor blade to scrape off the grease that has hardened on the oven glass door. Remove any superficial dirt or grime on the primary surface. Never force it if it still too hard, instead, moisten it once again with a cloth with rubbing alcohol. If you need to apply stronger pressure to remove the substance, use a blade holder to prevent slipping and cutting yourself. Also, do not apply too much pressure because this may damage your oven glass door.

Step 3: Use the grease cutting cleaner of your choice

Upon the removal of the hardened grease residue, immediately wash it with a sponge that has the cleaner of your choice. This ensures that your oven glass stains are thoroughly disinfected. Continue to use a cleaning detergent to fully clean the oven glass stains that remain. Do not use any scrubbing tools with rough surfaces because this may scratch the oven glass door.  Use a cloth or sponge to spread the cleaner material over glass stains.

Step 4: Cleaning in between the glass panels

In some ovens it may be possible to remove the oven glass door from the oven. Remember how you took it off as this will be the same way to return it back. Use the razor to scrape off the hardened oil residues. Use the cleaner material of your choice to wash and wipe the residue. If you have removed the glass panels, return them as you have removed them.

Step 5: Finishing the cleaning

Use hot water to get rid of the cleaner material that you used, but be gentle. This step is used to prevent any damage to the oven glass door. Immediately rinse the oven glass door with tap water. Repeat the procedure if necessary until the oven glass stains are completely removed.