How to Remove Paint Brush Marks

Painting projects such as walls or furniture pieces, may seem very simple but if you don't use a brush properly, you can end up with brush marks on the dried paint. With a little sanding, brush marks can be removed without spoiling the day’s work.

Sand Down the Brush Marks

Sanding the brush marks with fine-grit sandpaper will do the job. Make sure you add some pressure while doing so. Brush the grit away with the help of a soft cotton rag. This is important as the particles can be trapped under the finish and spoil the overall look.

Apply the Finish

Apply the finish with the help of a brush and ensure you wipe off all the extra finish traces. This needs to be done gently with very few brush strokes. A couple of light coats can get the needed effect.

Allow the surface to air dry. Once dry look for remaining or new brush marks that may be left behind. Repeat the process again if needed. This method is commonly used by professional painters to get rid of unwanted brush marks.