How to Remove Paint from a Concrete Fish Pond Safely

What You'll Need
Liquid soap
Garden hose
Paint remover
Rubber gloves
Breathing mask
Warm water
Wire brush
Vacuum cleaner

A concrete fish pond can liven up your garden. Sometimes you want to repaint a color or do a touch up, but this should be done safely because paint is toxic and can be harmful if not done properly.

Step 1 - Clean the Pond

Make sure you clean the concrete fish pond before you proceed to remove the paint. With a vacuum cleaner remove any dust particles from around the pond. Next with a wire brush, scrub the pond with warm water and liquid soap. Finally, rinse the entire pond with a garden hose.

Step 2 - Apply the Paint Remover

Put on rubber gloves before dealing with any type of chemicals. Starting with the pond's exterior, apply paint remover with a brush. Wear a breathing mask to protect your longs and skin. There are different ways to remove paint. Pressure washing uses high power pressure that helps get rid of strong paints. Shotblasting, which wills remove most coats of paint can damage the concrete surface.

Step 3 - Let Pond Dry

Once you apply the paint remover, let it dry overnight before applying a fresh coat of paint.