How to Remove Paint from Brick Stone Siding

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What You'll Need
Commercial paint removal product
Stiff brush

If you have brick stone siding in your home that has been ruined by paint, it is possible for you to fix it yourself.

Step 1 - Set Up

To begin, read the instructions on whatever paint removal product you have chosen. The best ones for this situation are either a type of gel or a paste. Whichever it is, follow the instructions and mix the parts together as you are directed to. Once you finish, you can continue.

Step 2 - Apply the Paint Remover

Apply a generous coating of paint remover to the affected area. You may want to test out the product on an out of the way area to make sure that your siding does not receive any surprise side effects.

Step 3 - Apply Rags

Place your rags over the paint remover you have already applied. Once the mixture bonds to your rags, peel them away. You should be able to take the paint with it without damaging the siding beneath.

Step 4 - Finish Up

Once you have removed as much paint as you can with this technique, use the stiff brush to scrub away the remainder of the paint and paint remover. Rinse away anything that remains with water.