How to Remove Paint Roller Lines

What You'll Need
A roller cover with curved edges
A strong roller frame
High quality paint (High in solids)

A paint roller is an important piece of equipment which allows you to paint large areas in a small amount of time. The problem is that paint roller lines are very common. However, there are many things you can do before, during and after painting which will soon make them a thing of the past!

Step 1 - Replace Cover

Make sure you use a roller cover with shaped edges before you start any paint job. These will often cost more money but they will not create roller lines.

Step 2 - Check Frame

The frame of a roller should be the firmest part of it. You can check the rigidity by pressing down on a flat surface. If the frame buckles slightly or loses shape, choose another because roller lines will start to appear everywhere if a weaker type is used.

Step 3 - Paint

Always use a high quality paint. The more expensive brands are often higher in solids which means they have a greater depth of finish and will be less likely to create roller lines.

Step 4 - Use Correctly

You must use the paint roller correctly. Keep plenty of paint on the roller and work in small sections. Long lines will appear if you try to paint whole strips of wall at once.