How to Remove PEX Compression Fittings

If you have old PEX compression fittings, then you may want to remove them. You may also need to remove the compression fitting so that you can repair or alter the pipe that the fittings have been crimped around.

In order to ensure that these fittings, which are used to join the tubing sections together, are properly removed, you will need to get them taken off in an organized manner.

Any PEX repair can be complicated, but it is a lot of effort to take off PEX compression fittings, and you may consider having them taken off by a professional. If you choose to do this job yourself, then you will need some household tools and a few spare hours in which to complete the task.

Materials Needed

  • PEX decrimping tool
  • Pliers
  • PEX cutter

Step 1 - Expose the PEX Compression Fittings

The first thing that you need to do is take off all of the flooring around the PEX fittings. Take this flooring, and place it to one side, as you will want to replace it later. Make sure that any electric connections are removed from the area around the fitting, and that you have cleaned the area of dust and dirt.

Once you are ready to begin, take your tools over to the first fitting, and position yourself comfortably. Probably the best position is to lay down, as this will prevent you getting stiff limbs later.

Step 2 - Use the Tubing Cutter

Take hold of the PEX tubing with the cutter, and squeeze it tightly so that the tubing is cut. You should not use the cutter to slice off the ring, as this will blunt the cutters blade, and will also make the PEX compression fitting unsuitable for further use. Take the cutter, and place back on the side. You should repeat this action for as many PEX compression fittings as you wish to remove.

Step 3 - Use the Fitting Remover

Open up the jaws of your PEX fitting remover. You may have one of the sets which can be used with any size of ring, which will make them perfect for removing your compression fitting. Simply set the angle of the tool to the size of the fitting you will be removing.

Place the lower end of the open jaws into the PEX compression fitting, and then close it tightly over the top. This is done by pushing the two handles together.

Step 4 - Take off the Fitting

Once you have done this, push the handles of the tool until the ring splits open. This will cause the fitting to drop away from the tube, and you will then need to reach down into the floor space and pick it up. If the ring does not drop down, then slide it off of the tubing, and place to one side. Repeat for all of the PEX compression fittings you would like to remove.