How to Remove Pool Drain Antifreeze

What You'll Need
Manufacturer's directions

Swimming pool drains are responsible for draining the water in the swimming pool during the wind down of the season. They are also used when recirculating the water within a pool pump. As you get ready to open the pool for the season, you will need to drain the antifreeze within the pool drain in order to prevent the antifreeze from seeping into your pool water. Below you will find a quick list of steps on how to properly drain your antifreeze.

Step 1 - Stop the Pool Pump

Turn off the pool pump. Unplug the source of electricity to the pump.

Step 2 - Open the Valves

Every pool pump is a little different. Consult your manufacturer's directions. Open the air release valve and open any other valves that are present on the system of valves in your pool drainage and pump system.

Step 3 - Remove Drain Plugs

Using a screwdriver, unscrew the drain plugs from the trap. In addition to the trap, you need to unscrew any drain plugs that may be present on the pool's pump and on the filter.

Step 4 - Drain the Pipes

Begin draining the pipe system that has the antifreeze in it. Gravity will usually be your friend during this and the antifreeze will flow right out from the pipes.