How to Remove Rust from a Car with Household Items

  • 1-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 20-100
What You'll Need
Painters or masking tape
Paint color to match your vehicle
Face mask

Using household items to remove rust from your car is possible. There are of course things you will need in order to do this, but it can be done pretty easy. The steps below will run you through the process of removing rust from your car. Go from rusty old truck, to just like new in a few easy steps.

Step 1 - Prepare Yourself

Some of the materials you are working with can be hazardous to yourself and others, so take precautions. Wear gloves and a face mask when removing the rust from your car.

Step 2 - Prepare Your Car

Now that you've prepared yourself, it is time to prepare the actual object you will be working on. This is done by taping off the area around the rust spot either with painters tape or masking tape.

Step 3 - Sand Away the Paint

Now you will want to use your sander and a high grit sandpaper to sand away the paint around the area of the rust spot. You will want to create a smooth surface to work with, so you will want to make sure you sand away the paint and the primer down enough where you can create this smooth area.

Step 4 - Vinegar Usage

Although you may not hear a lot of body shops talking about using vinegar to remove rust spots, this is something that works great in preparing the area for the new primer you will applying in the next step. Take a clean rag saturated in vinegar and wipe the area down.

Step 5 - Prepare for Priming

In the next step you will be starting to apply the primer. Before you do this you will want to cover other parts of your car body so that it does not over spray into an area where it does not belong. You can use newspaper to do this; however, you may want to do a couple layers of newspaper so the primer does not seep through.

Step 6 - Spray Primer

Now it is time to start spraying the primer. Trying not to hit any spots that you are not working on. You will want to evenly spray primer around the area you are trying to make new again. The most common method for spraying primer is applying 4 to 5 coats. This may sound like a long process, but the wait time between coats is only about 15 to 20 minutes.

Step 6 - Apply the Paint

Let the area dry overnight before applying the paint. Choose a paint that matches the color of the rest of the car. Make sure to keep each layer of paint thin to prevent running lines. There is no set number of coats to apply. Just apply enough to cover the primer nicely.

Step 7 - Let It Be

Now that the basic steps are over, you will want to let it dry at least overnight.