How to Remove Rust From a Toilet Bowl

Clean toilet bowl
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What You'll Need
Muriatic acid
Toilet bowl brush
Kitchen gloves

You’ve got a rusty toilet bowl, and you want to know how to remove the rust. This article will describe two methods for removing rust from porcelain.

Commercially Available Products

There are a number of products available to remove rust from a toilet bowl. A single product stands out from the rest as one of the easiest and most effective cleaners of rust. This product is called CLR. Open the flip top and squeeze the product out to cover the rust. Brush vigorously with a toilet bowl brush. Flush the toilet once or twice to clear the product from the toilet bowl. Apply CLR once a month to keep the rust away.

Muriatic Acid Scrub

Muriatic acid is a light acid that is available at most home improvement stores as well as pool supply stores. Mix up a solution of 1 part acid to 5 parts water in a bucket. Wear strong kitchen gloves. Using a toilet bowl brush that will be thrown away, vigorously scrub the acid solution along the rusty area until the rust is gone. Pour the unused solution down the toilet. Rinse well by flushing once or twice. Discard the gloves and bowl brush. For a more general guide to cleaning toilet bowl stains, go here.