How to Remove Sand and Minerals in Well Water

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Sand in well water needs to be controlled and removed. You must ensure that the sand is removed in order to both protect your entire well system and to provide safe, pleasant water for your home. There are several methods to remove sand from your well water system.

Method 1 - Retrofit Your Well

There are many ways sand can enter your well. It can enter through the natural flow of water. It can be left over from the drilling process, and it can also be a result of flooding. Test your water to see how much sand is present in the water.

Some people decide to leave the sand to settle to the bottom of the well and have it removed only when it builds up and becomes problematic. It will then be cleaned by a procedure called 'mudsucking', which is a professional process.

A most common way to remove sand is to install a device that filters sand from the water before it reaches your hot water heater or faucets. You can use a centrifugal filter or a standard water filter for wells.

Method 2 - Removing Minerals

The most common and least expensive way to remove minerals from well water is with a water softener system. They are available in many types and at many price points. The water is filtered through salt or reverse osmosis to remove minerals and maintain them at acceptable levels.

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