How to Remove Scuffs from Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo floors.
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 35
What You'll Need
Dish soap
Clean cloth
Baking soda
Floor wax
Wax remover
Wax sealer
Polishing powder for marble

Terrazzo floors date back to the Roman and Venetian periods. This style of floor is a mixture of cement and marble chips. Terrazzo floors are not inexpensive but they cost less than full marble floors. They need proper care and maintenance so they last for generations to come. One of the most common problems you will face is that the terrazzo floor tiles will get scuff marks. Taking a scuff mark off of the terrazzo floor finish is done the same way as you would a regular marble floor. The article that follows will show you how to remove scuff marks from your expensive terrazzo floors.

Step 1 - Remove Surface Scuff Marks

Terrazzo floors are usually finished with a thin layer of wax, which gives the floor its great shine. Unfortunately, when you clean away the scuff marks you are most likely going to be removing that layer of wax. The initial cleaning is to remove the scuff marks from the terrazzo floor. Add dish soap to warm water to get a warm suds. Scrub the scuff mark off of the floor with the sponge dipped in the soapy water. Buff the area with a soft and clean cloth in a circular motion.

Step 2 - Remove Thick Scuff Marks

If the scuff mark still remains after you try to clean it with soapy water you will need to get more aggressive. Take some warm water and add some baking soda. Mix it until the baking soda has dissolved. It is important that you only do this if the scuff mark has not been completely removed. When the baking soda is mixed thoroughly, use the sponge dipped in the solution and scrub it on the floor. Let the mixture sit until dry and then buff the floor as you did previously.

Step 3 - Remove Deep Scuffs

Terrazzo floors.

If the scuff marks are still not removed, they are fairly deep within the finish of the terrazzo floor. For this, you will mix polishing powder made for marble with water according to the instructions on the package. Use a cloth dipped in the polishing solution and scrub the scuff mark. When you are finished scrubbing you can buff the area with a clean cloth.

Step 4 - Remove Deep Finish Scuff Marks

If after polishing the terrazzo floor with marble polishing powder and the scuff marks still are not gone, you have a resilient scuff mark. It most likely found its way onto the floor surface itself below the finish. This can happen in well-traveled areas of the floor with a thinner layer of wax. Use a wax remover to take off the wax on the terrazzo floor. Scrub the floor as you did previously and rinse with water and buff dry. Add a layer of marble sealer followed by wax. When dry you should buff the new finish.