How to Remove Security Screws from a Car Tire

What You'll Need
Lug wrench
Wheel lock key

Security screws are a relatively recent addition to new cars and are designed to help deter potential car or tire thieves. If a thief plans to steal a tire off of your car, the security screw will be an added obstacle for him. It functions like a normal lug nut, except that it has a special key mechanism that is required in order to remove it. Therefore, a thief cannot remove the nut without having the key or spending a great deal of time tinkering with the security screw. Of course, having these screws on your vehicle can also make it more difficult for you to remove the tire if you're planning some routine maintenance or a tire change, as well. Read on for a guide on how to remove security screws.

Step 1 - Locate the Security Screw

The first thing that you'll need to do is locate the wheel lock key and the security screw. Most car dealerships leave a copy of the security screw key in the glove compartment, but it may also be included in the tire change kit if your vehicle has one. If you cannot find a copy of the key, take your vehicle in to the dealership where you purchased it to get another copy of the key. You'll need to provide proof of ownership of the vehicle in most cases in order to get a second copy of the key.

Next, determine which lug nut is the security screw. Looking on the outside of the tire, you'll find that one of the nuts looks different from the other. It will have a keyhole and will likely be a bit different in shape from the others. This is the security screw.

Step 2 - Fit the Key into the Lock

Place the wheel lock key over the keyhole in the security screw and turn it clockwise slightly until the key fits into the hole. Do not push the key with too much force, as this can cause the key to break, permanently securing the security screw in place. When the key is fit into the keyhole, press the key slightly in both directions to determine which way it needs to move in order to unlock the security screw.

Step 3 - Remove the Security Screw

With the key in the lock and the lock unfastened, you're now able to remove the security screw in the same way that you would a normal lug nut. Hold the lug wrench up to the security screw and turn it counter clockwise to loosen the security screw. Be careful as you do so in order to catch the screw as it pops off of the outside of the tire. If you're interested in removing other security screws, repeat this process with the other tires on the car as well in order to completely eliminate them.