How to Remove Soap Scum from a Bathroom Mirror

Soap scum on a bathroom mirror is unsightly and prevents effective use of the mirror. Several quick and inexpensive ways to remove soap scum from a bathroom mirror are provided below.

Use Cleaners to Remove Soap Scum

Soap scum forms on mirrors due to the interaction of soap with minerals in the water. Once it has formed, most glass and tile cleaners will remove it. Vinegar, mixed with hot water and a few drops of lemon juice in a spray bottle, are also effective. For stubborn scum deposits, apply a thin paste of baking soda and water to the spot. Allow the cleaner to rest on the mirrored surface for a few moments to loosen the mineral salts and soap residue, then squeegee off the cleaner. Rinse the mirror with a damp paper towel and polish with a dry paper towel.

Prevent Soap Scum Buildup

Hard-milled bar soaps produce less soap scum than cream-based soaps or liquid body washes, many of which contain creamy lotions. Consider switching to a different type of soap to prevent soap scum buildup on mirrors and tiles. If your water is particularly hard, use a clear gel-type body wash. Remove condensation from the mirror and tiles after every shower with a good-quality 18-inch wide squeegee.