How to Remove Solid Rivets

What You'll Need
Center punch
Drive punch
Power drill
Chuck key
1/16 drill bit
1/8 drill bit
Lubricating drill fluid

Whether you are dismantling an item or it has simply become an ineffective fastener, there may be occasions when you need to remove solid rivets. By following the necessary steps, you can ensure that the task is completed effectively to enable you to remove the rivets without damage to the surrounding surface.

Step 1 – Place Depression

Start by using a center punch and hammer to place a depression on the solid rivets. Align the tip of the center punch with the center of the rivet and firmly strike it with the hammer to insert a depression.

Step 2 – Drill

The depression made in the solid rivets can then be drilled using the 1/16 drill bit. Apply lubricating fluid while slowly creating a hole in the center. This must be followed by repeating the process with the 1/8 drill bit in the middle of the previous hole, using lubrication if necessary.   

Step 3 – Punch Out

The drive punch must be fitted into the hole created by the 1/8 drill and firmly held in place. Use a hammer to strike the rear of the drive punch to pop the solid rivets out of place.