How to Remove Stains from Your Marble Countertop

What You'll Need
Baking soda
Hydrogen peroxide
A soft cleaning cloth
A drying towel
Paper towel
A small bowl

A marble counter top can create a sense of elegance in a kitchen or bathroom. This porous stone is available in many different patterns and colors. The porous nature of marble can also be a problem when maintaining the beauty and shine of your counter. The marble can stain easily and should be cleaned immediately with a non-abrasive, gentle cleaning agent.  Effective cleaning solutions can be made easily and inexpensively using products you have at home in your cupboards.

Step 1 – Removing Acidic Stains

Vinegar and citrus fruits are two of the many acidic foods which can stain a marble counter top. Blot any acidic spills immediately with paper towel. Do not rub the spill into the marble. Combine a tablespoon of baking soda with a teaspoon of warm water in a small bowl. Use your cleaning cloth to apply the baking soda paste to the area. Allow the cleaning paste enough time to dry completely and harden.  Immerse the cleaning cloth in warm water and use it to gently and carefully remove the hardened paste from the marble. Dry and shine the area with a clean drying towel.

Step 2 – Removing Food Stains

Hydrogen peroxide can be used to remove food stains from marble.  Apply the peroxide to the area by carefully pouring just enough of the liquid onto the stain to cover it. Allow the peroxide to sit for about 5 minutes. You should be able to see the the food stain dissipate form the counter. Continue the process until the entire stain is completely gone. Use a paper towel to soak up any remaining peroxide from the marble counter top. Immerse a cleaning cloth in warm soapy water and wash the residue from the marble. Use a drying towel to dry and shine the counter top.

Step 3 – Removing Grease Stains

Use a paper towel to remove as much of the grease as possible from the marble. Apply a teaspoon of cornstarch to the marble where the grease had been. Let the cornstarch sit on the area for 2 hours. Immerse a cleaning cloth in warm soapy water and gently rub the cornstarch from the counter top. Dry and shine the area with a clean drying towel.

Step 4 – Removing Nail Polish Stains

Use paper towel to soak up and remove as much of the nail polish as possible. Do not spread the polish any further on the counter top.  In a small bowl combine one squirt of dish soap with a half of a cup of warm water. Dip the cleaning cloth into the cleaning solution and apply it to the nail polish stain. Use a different cleaning cloth to carefully and gently wipe the stain away. Continue the process until the nail polish has been completely removed from the marble.