How to Remove Stove Top Glass Stains

What You'll Need
A small utility knife
Some hot water
Small cloths
A large cloth
Steel wool
A lemon
Lowstrength cleaning agent
Glass polish
Ultra-fine sandpaper

Glass stains on a glass top stove can ruin one of the most beautiful pieces of equipment you may have in your home. Stains left over a long period of time can create a serious eye-sore. However, they can be easily removed with a number of common materials you should find around your house.

Step 1 - Chip the Stain

Some stains will be larger than others and could prove very stubborn to remove. Use a small utility knife to chip away any bulky stains that have formed on the glass. Add hot water as you chip, using a small cloth. This will soften the stain and make it crumble. Remember to be gentle as you tap with the knife so you do not ruin the glass finish. Alternatively, leave a small amount of warm water to soak into a stubborn stain and try to loosen it with some steel wool. Another good tip is to use a tiny square of ultra-fine sandpaper to sand away the surface of the stain. This will make it easier for cleaning agents to penetrate the stain in later steps. Because the sandpaper is so fine, the glass surface can easily be buffed up to a bright finish if it is accidentally scuffed.

Step 2 - Scrub the Stain

Use the juice of half a lemon, some salt and hot water to make a paste. These are common materials that you should have laying around the house. Use a cloth to apply a small amount of the paste onto any stains. Rub with a circular motion to break up the stain and remove it. The acids from the lemon should be enough to break up the majority of cooking stains without causing damage to the glass.

Step 3 - Use a Cleaning Agent

If this improvised cleaning solution does not work, use a low strength cleaning agent. These are widely accessible from home maintenance stores. Apply some of the cleaning agent onto the stain and rub with a little more pressure than you were using before. Use some steel wool which can be more effective than a small cloth. This should remove all stains from sight. Using a low strength cleaner is key because a high strength substance could stain the glass while you are using it.

Step 4 - Rinse and Wipe Down

Rinse the area that you have been working on with some warm water and another small cloth. Do this as quickly as possible after you have finished the previous step. This should remove any debris that may have been left behind from scrubbing the stains. Pour a small amount of water over the glass and wipe it away with a cloth. This will stop water stains from forming on the glass.

Step 5 - Apply Polish

Complete the process of removing stains by adding a little glass polish to the glass surface. Do this with a larger cloth and cover the entire glass area on top of the stove. This should leave your stove with a sparkling appearance.