How to Remove Super Glue From Glass

removing super glue from glass
What You'll Need
Sharp edge or razor blade

We all know that super glue is nearly unstoppable when it comes to sticking two objects together, including your fingers. Do not fear if super glue has infiltrated one of your glass surfaces, as superglue does have an enemy: acetone. Yes, you'll find that even on glass, the glue is difficult to scrape off with a razor blade, but with a dab of acetone, it will come off. You will find that acetone can be found in a number of your household products, from nail polish to stronger house cleaners you keep under the sink.

Step 1 - Find Some Acetone

Acetone is an organic compound that is a colorless, odorless, mobile liquid that is one of the simplest examples of ketones. It is miscible with water. which makes it a popular choice for cleaners in laboratories. In fact, 3 million types of tonnes are created every year, as it not only works great against super glue, but it is also a great cleaning agent. The science behind acetone comes from a wide range of chemical formulas coupled with its industrial standard applications. Modern standards of extracting acetone come from a process made in World War I by Chaim Weizmann to aid the British war effort.

If you have the unfortunate issue of getting superglue stuck on your fingers, a dab of acetone from your nail polish remover will set them free and you won't have to rip up your skin. Be sure that the nail polish remover you are using has acetone in it, as many brands do not contain it anymore. The reason for this is that acetone eats away the bonding cement on fake nails, so companies have started using alternative formulas. However, there are some household cleaners contain acetone, as it is used as a chemical reactive agent. Be sure to check the ingredients on your cleaning fluids when looking for acetone.

Step 2 - Soak the Edges of the Super Glue

Take an old rag and apply the acetone to it. Apply the rag to the spot of glue on the glass. The longer it sits, the more of the acetone can eat or loosen the glue's hold to the glass. You will notice the extremely rock hard super glue will become more like putty. Though it works well against super glue removal, it can stain fabrics beyond repair. You will want to be sure that when you're using acetone, that you exert caution as not to spill it on your clothes. Use rags or a cotton swab to apply it and in modest amounts to avoid spillage. Our bodies naturally create its own acetone, and it is actually increased in pregnant women, so exposure to the chemical is not hazardous up to 500 ppm of exposure.

Step 3 - Use a Sharp Blade

Use your razor blade starting on the edge of the super glue to get up under its edge to peel it off. If you get stopped by more solid glue, apply more acetone to soften it up. Once you have this set of steps down, repeat the process until the glue has been completely removed. Be sure to dispose of all waste properly and out of the reach of children.