How to Remove Tint from Windows

What You'll Need
Steamer or hair dryer
Old towels
Razor blade
Soapy water
Spray bottles
Duct tape
Non-scratch pan scrubber
Black garbage bags
Fine steel wool
Glass cleaner
Paper towels

Tint windows on cars can look cool, but like most things, the tint on windows doesn’t last forever. Eventually, it needs to be removed and replaced. You’ll know the time has come when the tint looses its color and begins to turn purple or if the film starts to bubble a little. The former means that the dyes in the tint are breaking down and not tinting well any more, while the latter occurs when the adhesive holding the tint in place starts to break down. There are four simple methods for removing old tint.

Step 1 - Using Heat

If you want to use heat to remove film, try using a steamer although a hair dryer can do the job as well. Hold the steamer about 2 inches away from one corner of the tint and turn on the steam. Pull at the corner of the tint until it pulls away.

Go slowly, pulling as you steam. Don’t pull too hard, or you might leave a layer of film. Patience is the key here. When you’ve removed all the tint, there will still be some glue left. Steam the glue then press down on it with an old towel to remove it. Finally, clean the window with glass cleaner and a paper towel.

Step 2 - Soaking To Remove Window Tint

If you don’t have much of the glass tinted, you could try making a small cut in the tint then slowly pull it off. Be aware that this won’t be neat so you’ll need to make several cuts to remove it all.

Next, you will need to spray any glue that remains on the window with soapy water before scraping off the adhesive using a razor blade. Finally, clean the glass with glass cleaner.

Step 3 - Using Duct Tape

You’ll only use the duct tape method if you haven’t been able to remove all the layers of the tint. Apply the tape in strips across the glass with the strips overlapping by 1 inch. You may need to let the car sit in the sun for a few hours as this allows the tape to adhere firmly to the tint.

Pull off the tape. The tint should lift off as you go. You’ll will still need to use ammonia and a non-scratch pan scrubber to remove the glue that remains on the glass.

Step 4 - Using Ammonia

The first thing to do is cut a pair of black garbage bags to the size of the windshield. Spray soap water on the outside of the glass and press one of the bags down on it so it’s flat.

Inside the car, you’ll need to cover the dashboard, steering wheel and much of the compartment with a tarpaulin. Wear a mask and protective eye-wear and make sure the automobile is well ventilated. Spray the inside of the windshield with undiluted ammonia. Now press the other garbage bag against the glass you’ve just sprayed.

Leave the car with the window facing the sun for an hour. Remove the interior garbage bag. Lift one corner of the film with a razor blade and peel it off slowly. In all likelihood, you won’t peel off all the tint smoothly so use a razor blade to take off the rest.

Spray any remaining glue with ammonia then scrub lightly with very fine steel wool, drying with a paper towel as soon as you’re done. Finally, clean the window with glass cleaner.