How to Remove Urethane Adhesives from Skin

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What You'll Need
Mineral spirits
Lava soap
What You'll Need
Mineral spirits
Lava soap

Urethane adhesives also known as polyurethane adhesive has a base polymer isocyanate and has multiple uses in industrial assembly, wood and related industry, building and construction, paper and packaging plus many others. Since these sealants give a quick fix solution to bond steel, aluminium, plastics, glass etc, its use in homes is also very common. Usually it takes just a few seconds to dry because it cures at room temperature. If for some carelessness it drops on your skin it sticks to it in the form of a dry stiff peel which makes the skin uncomfortable. Often dirt and grime also stick along with the adhesive. In order to remove urethane adhesives from skin you just need to acquire the ingredients and follow the simple and easy instructions given below.

You will easily find the above mentioned ingredients at any hardware stores which sell urethane adhesives.

Step 1 – Take Necessary Precautions

The use of any chemical requires following a certain safety protocol. While using urethane adhesive you should keep this advice in mind. Always carefully read the instructions given with these compounds before you start working. In order to avoid contact with the skin it is advisable to wear rubber gloves when using such chemical sealants, because if an accident occurs your hands are the most prone part of the body to be affected.

Step 2 – Rinsing with Mineral Spirits

First of all rinse your affected skin part thoroughly with mineral spirits. Now keep rubbing the affected area for sometime. Continue rubbing so that the hard skin area affected by urethane softens. The next thing you do is take off the mineral spirits by rinsing the affected skin. Scrubbing with ordinary soap and water will not help once the adhesive has cured that is set on your skin. So avoid wasting time on such a remedy which might damage your skin due to excessive scrubbing. Ordinary soap and water only help if the urethane adhesive is wet. So keep that in mind.

Step 3 – Use of Lava Soap

Next is the use of Lava soap. Scrub your affected skin thoroughly with this soap. After a while you will feel that the adhesive starts to lift from the skin. Do not discontinue scrubbing until the desired effect is attained. For heavy deposits you will have to be patient with the exercise of scrubbing

Step 4 – Clear off all Adhesive Residues

Once you are satisfied that the adhesive is peeling off, then wash your affected skin. Now gently dry the skin and carefully examine to see if the skin is clear of all adhesive residues. If you detect there is still some residue left on the skin soak the affected skin part again in mineral spirits and repeat all the steps you followed earlier of rubbing, scrubbing with Lava soap and rinsing. If your affected skin is causing excessive itching or irritation it is always preferable to seek medical advice.