How to Remove Wallpaper Border from Drywall

What You'll Need
Putty knife
Wallpaper puncturing tool
Wallpaper remover liquid
Drywall compound

To remove wallpaper borders from drywall involves special care. The outer paper layer of drywall is particularly susceptible to water damage and scrapes.

Step 1 - Dry Removal

It is always best to try to remove the wallpaper dry first. Peel up a layer at the corner of the room with a putty knife and try to pull it back at an angle. Peel gently or you will rip off chunks of drywall paper. If the wallpaper yields easily with a few nudges from the putty knife, continue until it is fully removed.

Step 2 - Permeating the Surface

If the paper is firmly stuck on and is not porous, such as some borders having a vinyl surface, you will need to score the paper lightly using a circular wallpaper puncturing tool or by sanding before proceeding.

Step 3 - Softening the Wallpaper

Spray the wallpaper with enzyme-based wallpaper remover, or at the very least with a homemade solution of fabric softener and water. Take care to avoid over-wetting the wallpaper, since it can soak the paper covering the drywall underneath. Only spray an area that you will be able to scrape off in a ten minute time period.

Step 4 - Scraping It Off

Scrape the softened wallpaper from the drywall, being careful to avoid gouging the drywall.

Step 5 - Repairing Any Damage

Even with your best efforts, the drywall may still be damaged in a few places after removal. Coat the damaged paper areas with shellac and let dry. Patch with drywall compound and sand until even.