How to Remove Water Marks from Mirrors

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  • 0-1 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 5-10
What You'll Need
3 or 4 large cloths
Some warm water
Low toxicity glass cleaning agent
Dusting cloth

Water marks on a mirror are an inconvenience in any home. They can leave a mirror with a visible stain if they are not removed correctly. You need to get rid of these water marks before they become uncleanable and render your mirror useless. There are many cleaning agents that you could go out and buy but there are quicker and simpler solutions you should consider.

Step 1 - Rinse the Mirror

Rinse the mirror with a large washing cloth and some warm water. This will get rid of any dirt or debris that may be sticking to the surface. Dry the mirror thoroughly with another large cloth. This will prevent further water stains from developing like the one you are trying to remove. Any run marks from the water will create another stain for you to remove. Wiping down the mirror will also start an early cleaning process and will remove small parts of the original water mark.

Step 2 - Clean the Mirror

Take a dry, large cloth and smother it in a low toxicity cleaning agent. High toxicity cleaning agents could create worse or permanent stains. Alternatively, you could use a household product such as vinegar, which will absorb particles of the stain and remove it completely. Rub the cloth over the stain and apply a reasonable amount of pressure. Gently rub the stain and the rest of the mirror. This should stop you from creating a brand new clear spot in one area of the mirror.

Step 3 - Apply Again

Once your first cleaning attempt has dried, repeat the process. Old stains can be very difficult to remove and the blueprint of a water mark may need a second cleaning to remove them completely. Apply a smaller amount of cleaning agent or vinegar to the cloth and rub the stain again. You will not need as much on the second attempt because small particles of cleaning agent will still be sticking to the surface of the mirror. Remember to rub the whole mirror so the cleaned area does not stick out like a sore thumb.

Step 4 - Target Specific Areas

If there are still water marks visible after two cleaning attempts, target the specific areas. Use a small piece of cotton wool with cleaning agent and vinegar and vigorously rub the water stain. Do this two or three times and the stain should disappear from sight. You should only target areas like this if the water mark is proving very difficult to remove.

Step 5 - Wipe Down

Finish the cleaning job by wiping down the surface of the mirror. Spray some glass cleaner onto the surface and thoroughly wipe with a dusting cloth. The effect you will be left with is a brand new and sparkling reflection of yourself. Spray a small amount of air freshener to get rid of any vinegar smell as this could linger in the air for two or three days.