How to Remove Wax from a Porcelain Tub

What You'll Need
Household cleaner
Paper bag
Hair dryer or iron

Relaxing with candles in a bath is a great experience, but removing wax from a porcelain tub is not. Cleaning up after wax has been spilled in your bathroom can be a pain, but you can also remove the wax comfortably from your tub by using a few basic tricks.

Step 1 - Heat up the Wax

Wax dries very quickly onto a surface, and this is one of the reasons why it is so difficult to manage. If you are looking for a quick way to clean off wax, then you need a warming object, such as a hair dryer or iron, and a paper bag. A plain paper bag should be good enough, although you can also use the grease-proof kitchen paper if you wish. Place the bag over the wax, and then apply the iron, or the hair dryer, until the wax is warm, taking care not to allow the iron to touch the porcelain. You should then be able to lift off the wax.

Step 2 - Getting off Soft Wax

Once the main wax is gone, you can start removing wax stains by rubbing a little household cleaner onto the tub, and scrubbing it off. Soft wax should peel away easily.

Step 3 - Finishing Up

Wipe down the surface to make sure all the wax is gone.