How to Remove Wax from Concrete

What You'll Need
Butter knife
Dust pan
Brown paper bags
Gardening hose

If you have to remove wax from concrete, it may seem that you have a daunting task at hand. Here are a few steps that can help you through the process painlessly.

Step 1 - Remove Loose Pieces

Using the butter knife you can scrape off any big pieces of wax and then sweep them up with the broom and dust pan. Many times you can get most of the wax off of the concrete by doing this.

Step 2 - Iron

Fill the iron with water and then set to the highest setting for steam. Once the iron is ready you can heat up a brown bag that is placed over the wax. Continue to move the iron over the bag without stopping. The wax should drain onto the bag and soak up completely. If you wind up using up the entire side of the bag then discard the current bag that you are using and then replace it with another and then continue to iron. You should be able to soak up all of the wax that crept into the cement onto the bag.

Step 3 - Clean Up

Now that the wax is off you can use a hose to spray down the concrete and clean off.

You can also use a vacuum to clean up the larger pieces which can help to suction up more.