How to Remove Wax from Grout

What You'll Need
Hair dryer
Paper bag
Soft brush
Household cleaner

If you have an old kitchen or bathroom, then you may find that you need to remove wax build up from your grout. Grout can often be damaged by repeated use of waxy or greasy items on the surface of the grout. This can often look unattractive, but be very difficult to clean away. Removing wax from a grouted tile surface can pose a lot of problems.

Step 1 - Warm up the Wax

The quickest way to remove wax is to warm it up. Place an old paper bag, or some grease-proof kitchen paper, over the wax, and then heat through using an iron or a hair dryer. You will have to be careful that the heat source does not touch the tiles, as this can cause burning or warping, and you should also press down firmly onto the paper.

Step 2 - Prep for Removal

Once the wax is softened, remove the paper to take away a lot of the wax.

Step 3 - Remove Old Wax

You can also scrub the wax away using a soft brush and some household cleaning soap. Rub the soap over the surface of the wax, then scrape the brush through the grout. Don't use a wire brush, or a shoe polish brush, as these can damage the grout.